The LANAI dinner menu, front cover

This shows the beautiful menu cover illustration by San Franciscan, Don Clever.

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The LANAI drink menu, front and back cover

This shows the unfolded front and back covers of the drink menu.

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The LANAI drink menu, inside

Here we see the fantastic renderings and descriptions of some of the signature drinks at The LANAI.

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Here's the text on the back...

4060 & 4070 El Camino Real
San Mateo, California
The Villa Chartier Restaurant features Continental Cuisine, specializing in Live Maine Lobsters, Fresh Eastern Oysters and Clams and famous for Prime Rib since 1925.
The Lanai Restaurant features Cantonese, Hawaiian, and Far East Cuisine, Specializing in Exotic foods and drinks.
Two of America's truly fine restaurants located 30 minutes from San Francisco, just 3 blocks south of Bay Meadows Race Track.

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Villa Plaza envelope

Envelope shows three of the main attractions in San Mateo's Villa Plaza - the Villa Chartier restaurant, the Villa Hotel itself (with swimming pool shown), and the Lanai restaurant.

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